Monday, June 29, 2009

Trying to be patient

First of all let me say, I am not really involved with the economy the way most people are. My wife and I are both retired so we tend to see the economy philosophically. Well all except the rising prices. Even those haven't really started yet but I know it is on the way. That is unless Odrama has a direct link with God so the he changes the laws of supply and demand for him.

In the meantime jobs are still going to china and we are still spending like a drunken sailor. My bike is being beat to death on the crappy roads that were supposed to be repaired. I still have to carry a supplemental insurance policy for the medicare insurance which I never use. Universal health care based on that system won't really be the end all people hope.

The economic numbers are not any better if anything they are worse now. The messiah isn't performing the miracles he promised. The people are beginning to see that most of the campaign promises were lies. The man who wouldn't lie isn't president. The one who lied to us all is.

A different kind of politics. Yes it is. React not to right and wrong but to politically expedient is now the order of the day. What happened in Iran was wrong. It was wrong on day one, but since the polls hadn't come out Odrama voted present. He only got outraged when people began holding his feet to the fire. Even now he thinks he can talk the Iranian government out of building a nuke. What planet is this guy from.

What he does about the Korean freighter with the possible arms cargo is going to be a test for him,. One I hope for the safety of the world he can pass. If not every country that can raise the price will have a Nuke one day.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

it ain't principle

Seems Obama's suddenly getting it was a lot more politics than principle. Principle would have been on day one. On day ten or whatever it is now, it is just trying to catch the wave. I wonder if those who expected change,were expecting odrama to do more than be a watered down Bill Clinton. If they did they are in for an even bigger surprise down the road.

I'm so smart but then everyone else is to. I mean the lost weekend of the governor from SC. If you DIDN'T think there was a woman involved you surely voted democratic because you can be fooled by anyone.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Thoughts on the iranian unrest

As is usually the case, Odrama's actions and his words are far apart. Iran may or may not actually change because of what's happening now, but America should have stood with the people of Iran. This yahoo wants to please everyone so he doesn't make a statement at all. Is he afraid of that clown who is the so called president of a third rate nation. Probably,

If Odrama had any balls, he would have just said we stand with the Iranian people and those who legitimately represent them. If the government shuts down the free access of information it is for a reason. Pure and simple that, if nothing else, puts the election in question as far as I am concerned. Do an open investigation or no more contact with them period.

So Odrama how about it do you have the balls to take a stand on this that isn't appeasement.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

check it out

I started a new road story here

Saturday, June 13, 2009

thoughts on the iranian election

Wouldn't it be nice to have a democratic uprising in Iran. Not likely yet but GW sowed the seeds for it. We will have to wait and see if anything sprouts.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

two things of interest

The first is there is a lot of talk going around on the net about the war in iraq going on longer than world war two. Even saying iraq is smaller than any of the countries we fought in ww2....

The comparison is bogus because I also just read that the casualty count is 4300. Now even one death is too many, but Iraq is hardly in the same league as ww2 or even Vietnam. So get a grip folks. Iraq is unique just like all the other wars. If you try to compare it to any other American war, then you are comparing balloons to hand grenades.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Odrama at the death camp

Odrama visited one of the infamous death camps. How many sides of an issue can he come down on. Yesterday it was Muslims who thought he was all on their side. Today it is Jews he is courting. Is there a chance that someday he will take a real stand on something. I think he has studied double speak from Bill Clinton. He talks about confronting evil, and does nothing substantive about N Korea. N Korea and Iran are the ultimate evil regimes in this world.

I know everyone is looking to Afghanistan as his showplace but that is going to be a pie in the face for him. That is a country that will never change no matter how much the Democrats say it was the good war. Bush didn't go balls to the wall there because it can not be won. Now that Iraq is winding down, the nuts of the middle east will be in Afghanistan fighting with the Taliban. This ain't a movie like Charlie Wilson's war. It is real life and I don't know if the American people have the stomach for it any more than they had for Iraq.

In Vietnam there were 50,000 plus casualties compared to 4,000 in Iraq and the war in Iraq sealed John MeCain's fate. Wait till the bodies pile up in Afghanistan. You can't put much spin on the body count.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

more distrubing news

More disturbing events. I'm sorry voter intimidation is a crime. The law is supposed to be color blind why drop the case after you won it. I wonder why I can't make that a link. You have to copy and paste it to read about it.

Lots of shady things going on these days.

Angry Neighbors Won't Be Charged in Beating of Suspect in 11-Year-Old Girl's Rape

Thursday, June 04, 2009

In a different story at least someone got it right. It probably is making the aclu furious but it was the right thing.

Still no substance

Well Odrama did it again. Made a huge hype about nothing. Just a bunch of empty words but at least he didn't sell Israel down the river in the speech. What he did do was minimize the support to terrorist of the Islamic world. Is he trying to say that we can work with those who promote terrorism. If there is no democracy in the middle east. There well be leaders who rape their people and blame their ills on the other. The others have always been the Christians and the Jews.

It is an inconvenient truth but the governments of the middle east have to change before there will be lasting peace.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I haven't read the speech yet

I haven't read it but I have sure heard the spin they are trying to put on it. I have a lot of concerns about O'bama after all this. Is he going to take us back to terror acts are just another criminal act by a few crazies as Bill Clinton treated them. Giving them that impression is just asking for more and more till they make their point. The point being this is a war of ideas. You can't leave the world to these nuts.

Make no mistake there are plenty of nuts on our side but we haven't been engaging in open warfare like those guys. I sure hope it never comes to that in this country. With the doors wide open and the president trying to make nice to the people who want to kill us I just don't know.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

It seems ominous

It looks as though the white house is trying to soften the blow by getting ahead of the presidents speech. Is he really going to say he will not back Israel in a conflict with Iran. Is this man really going to allow a second holocaust just to appease Iranian crazies. Please tell me he is not going to get into bed with sponsors of terrorism.

It looks that way folks. I originally thought there was nothing he could do to damage this country that couldn't be fixed later. If he changes our relationship with our allies then it might lead to a terrible tragedy.

Dear God please don't allow O'drama to make the same mistakes most democrats make. The world is a dangerous place. Don't let this clown embolden a viper and hope it won't strike. We need to Live up to our commitments for god sake. Don't leave my grandson to the mercy of The Irans of this world. Stand bye those who stand by us.

The country I am leaving my grandson will not be the country I lived in. This is a huge mistake and people need to wake up. Congress needs to put a damper on this crap and do it now.

We don't have the balls to stop Iran from going nuclear, for gods sake don't throw the people who do have the balls under a bus to appease who. Appease people who hate us. Is this clown going to be the new Neville Chamberlain?

Monday, June 1, 2009

Government motors is a fact

Gov't firmly behind the wheel at GM

This is shaping up to be the biggest fiasco in history. Well come big or stay home chillin. I was hoping that they could find a way to keep the government out of a management position but I understand that the government has a 60% equity share in the company. So dem and da union now own GM good luck guys. Your next gm car will cost a hundred thousand dollars and run like crap.

They will be the biggest argument yet for buying foreign. There is so much trust in the government that no one in their right mind will ever buy a gm car.

It won't be long before the unions demand all those concessions back. And since they can also remind the government who put them in power, they will get them whether we know it or not. Now guess who gets to pay for the losses the company will accumulate. You guessed brotherin.

Get your 2009 obamabile here folks. You heard it here first... Yes it gets a hundred miles to the gallon and everyone gets financed. Not to worry if we lose money those guys driving a Hyundai pay plenty of taxes, they will hardly notice a little more.