Sunday, August 15, 2010

politics so upsetting these days

I don't comment much these days. Things just are so obvious that there is very little I can add to make them even a little easier to understand. However there is a comment that just has to be made so I'm going to make it.

I don't hate Obama... I don't wish he was in a plane crash like they wish for Sarah Palin... But I do wish he had some feeling for the real people of this country, I don't know if he is a communist or not, but in Obama I see the arrogance that the leaders of the communist countries live daily.

In Russia the leaders went to there winter homes in the country, while the ordinary people froze to death from the cold. Obama and the democrats talk about bankrupting coal companies to get clean energy. In the meantime the poorest of the poor will be freezing in their beds. Because they can't afford exotic fuels. The man who runs the local bicycle shop tells me he doesn't sell many kids bikes any more. They want video games now. But he is selling lots more bikes to adults. I see more bicycle on the road these days. Yes I'm one of the bike riders. Buy a 15k car or a hundred dollar bike, the choice is simple for me.

His wife goes a multi million dollar vacation to Spain and he goes on a one day photo shoot to Florida. All the time touting to Americans to vacation in the gulf states to save the economy.

He demonizes and generally scares the hell out of businesses, then chides them for not creating more jobs. The only jobs soon will be government jobs. Where will the tax revenue come from when most everyone works for those who spend the money. I'm sorry this is very depressing but then so is the situation.

For the love of god liberals look at what you are doing to the country. Is this what you voted for. I'm sorry you hate George Bush but hey, I had a job when Bush was president. It would have been cheaper and better for the economy if we just stop trying to socially engineer this country.

If the people who could not afford the houses they bought had been refused credit in the first place, then the biggest part of the crisis would have been avoided. There was so much pressure to give everyone access to the finer things in life, that the government socially engineered us into this mess in my opinion. My daughter lives in a beautiful quarter million dollar house. I think that is great she and her husband both work their butts off for it. I live in a house that used to be worth close to a hundred grand now is worth half that. I don't mind at all. I could afford it comfortably all those years I paid for it. It is paid off now. My wife and I are quite happy with it.

I look at the foreclosures and notice that they are houses closer to my daughter's than mine. Maybe that says something about the marginal buyers who lost their houses. Maybe they were LED to buy the wrong house by the big mama government. I have no idea I just know things are terribly wrong here and it goes all the way back to the cheap shirt from Indonesia. Look how much that cheap shirt has cost us now.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

I couldn't let this Sharon things go without a comment. You know the Woman fired in a haste after the partial video clip hit the news.

First of all;

She wasn't a life long employee of the usda. She was hired last year it seems.

She was hired because she was the squeaky wheel in the in a civil rights lawsuit I think.

She thinks there is a class war in the country between the haves and the have nots, it seems to be a redistribute the wealth kind of thing. I have no wealth to redistribute and I don't need anyone else's, so I have no dog in that fight.

The one thing I came out of this with is how terrified grown men and women are of Fox news. The "You are going to be on Glenn Beck tonight," comment is a hoot. Damage control is not a pretty thing.

Will this all trace back to the 'Boss'? Heck no. Not that he is above being terrified of Fox. Just that it is too minor a thing for him to make the decision about. Would he have made the same one I doubt it. Most likely he would have called everyone together and tried to make nice. Which in this case would have been a good idea.

What this shows is how every decision at the moment is based on trying to save the left's new poster boy. So guys beware you can keep them on Defense if you play your cards right. Just remember not to let them trace any of this back to the tea party movement. That is there big scape goat now since 'Blame it on George' is wearing thin.

Monday, July 12, 2010

life in General

When a man is ready to retire and decides to go out in a way that will make a difference to his mission, I have to respect that. General Mcchrystal most likely saved many American Soldier and Marine lives. I am sure the new general would not take the job, unless he could change those stupid rules of engagement. So for that the country owes the man a debt of gratitude and he has mine.

But the sad part is what will happen to his staff for their part in the enlightenment of us all. Those men threw away their careers for us all. I don't know their names but they are even more heroic than the general. He was ready to go out, they just gave up their lives to save future soldiers. Thank you Gentlemen.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Government Regulation of Bank credit practices

Okay I'm selfish, but so are the guys who wanted credit reform. They want the banks to stop penalizing them for their irresponsibility with credit cards.

First of all this political motivated reform is all crap. Why? you ask. Well folks the banks have to make x amount of money to stay in business and pay their stock holders. It is going to come from someone.

So the democrats are going to force them to shift the profit, which the banks have to have, from the abusers of the credit system and onto those of us who do not abuse it. It's another one of those, "We will treat you like your mother" so vote for us ideas of the Dems.

What it really means is no free checking or savings accounts for those of us who are smart enough to live within our means. Now we get to pay for those who don't. Wait that's what the democratic government run government is famous for.

So still glad you voted democratic.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Oil in the Gulf of Mexico

BP is screwed. They are in containment mode now. Go along to get along until the oil stops spewing that's when the tough negotiations begin. There will be abuse and misappropriation of the 20Bil no doubt. Frankly there always is. The people who need the help will be the ones short changed. That is my prediction.

In the meantime the Gulf coast is screwed. All this is stop gap measures. It's going to be cleanup, not containment that is in their future. That and endless litigation. Trial lawyers will get rich on this I'm sure.

Every time they turn around in DC they throw more people out of work. Is it going to end with everyone being on the govt payroll somehow. We make nothing except paper money that has nothing to prop it up, and is worth less and less each day.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

They should have taken control of the blown out well on day one. Called in the experts and pumped drilling mud into the thing as soon as possible. The let BP screw around trying to save the well, while they created havoc with the environment all along the gulf coast, was just plain stupid. Yes hindsight is 20/20, but that was a mistake. Now lets see if they own up to it. They bitched about Bush not owning up to his mistakes, lets see if the messiah admits his. You can not let a company screw around trying to save their profits, when it is a disaster.

On a different note... Nashville natural disaster big time. No looting no killing no hell raising at all. Different folks, and a different mayor maybe there is something in that.

Friday, May 21, 2010

The Arizona law. Nobody has read it but everyone is commenting on it. From what I can tell it really just says, we are going to start doing what we should have been doing all along. The government for many years both sides of the political spectrum have been avoiding it.

The homeless shelter here in town had an illegal alien once. They called the immigration office in Charlotte to ask them to come get the guy. He was in trouble of some kind. The Immigration service told the shelter people to bring him to Charlotte or let him go.

The obama story about his aunt and then the little girl in the school whose mother was illegal are examples of the same thing. Some of the aliens just aren't worth the trouble that it would cause to deport them. That is the attitude that is going to cause us all to learn Spanish just to order a cheeseburger