Wednesday, October 7, 2009

It's 50/50

So the democrats health care plan is at 50/50 with the American people. No wait there is no plan. Will it still be 50/50 when the people know what is in the damn thing.

More seniors now believe they won't take a hit. How naive. Seniors should listen to what the politicians are saying. You don't save that amount of money on medicare without cutting benefits. Try asking them where those savings are going to come from. Pen them down to details not some pie in the sky "Oh we can find the money without touching the services." Yeah and I can fly a jet airliner, any of you guys want to sign up for the maiden flight. You are doing a similar thing, if you back this nonsense.

We have to stop spending more than we earn or seniors biggest problem will not be medicare. It is going to be how to heat your house or buy your food. Some of us might be sharing food with our dogs now, but if hyper inflation hits, it will the dog's food we are sharing.

doesn't anybody read history anymore?

Take a look a the outpost that almost got overrun.

Way too much like din bin phew (sic) where the french foreign legion got their collective asses handed to them by General Jap in the old indochina war. It was the battle that created vietnam.

Monday, October 5, 2009

My sister passed away last week. It was a terrible roller coaster ride at the end. For her sake I am glad that it is over. Copd is an insidious killer. So if you smoke for god's sake quit or make a living will now.

Today I saw an article on yahoo. Dems: GOP rooting against America... They mention how the GOP accused anyone who didn't agree with their position on Iraq as being unpatriotic. Now they say the GOP is because the conservatives were happy when Obama failed to bring the Olympics to America. And of course the Rush Limbaugh comment comes back again about hoping Obama fails.

Well I'm a republican and I think I speak for a lot of us. Not wanting the cult of Obama to be successful is not the same as not wanting the people of America to be successful. The Dems hated George Bush and bashed him every chance they got.

Now that it is their dog in the middle of the fight, they want to cry foul. I don't think that is cricket ya'll. So not wanting the Democrats socialistic policies to succeed is a far cry from wanting American soldiers to die from lack of bullets.

I don't want the government in the insurance business, I don't want them in the banking business, and I don't want them in the automobile business. I read something yesterday that I think describes most of us. In a crisis from a flood to a melt down in the banking business, we want the government to step in and help, then we want them to get the hell out of the way.

The credit market went south because the government began telling banks to make shaky loans. Well the banks made them and then when they failed they expected the government who pressured them into those loans to step in. They did and they should have. Banks I think would like to make only good loans but they get criticized for doing that. Come on people clean up you crap then leave the guys alone. If GM can't compete in he market place because of the labor unions then let them sink and the unions explain to the workers why they failed. A new company would never sign the kinds of contracts that were burdening GM.

Well anyway, GOD BLESS AMERICA just so you know where this republican stands.