Monday, March 22, 2010

Well we now have health insurance reform... good luck with that.

I am on Medicare so I am already on the single payers system. I'm one of the ones who is going to be footing the bill for the poor. All those Medicare cuts you know. First of all let me say, I don't mind them helping the working poor. I don't think many compassionate people do. But every American isn't entitled to free health care as a right. They are certainly entitled to unfettered access. If you work there should be affordable health care for you to buy. But who gets to decide what is affordable. For some people it will never be affordable enough. Especially if someone else is going to subsidize it for them.

So you think this is the end of it. Then my friend you are a complete fool. Let us for the sake of argument say I am a doctor. Just call me Doc Charlie. Now I can see 100 patients a day. My health insured patients pay an average of 75 dollars each..,. My Medicaid and Medicare patients pay substantially less.

I take Medicare and Medicaid patients because I only see 80% insurance patients. But with all these newly insured people I can see only insured patients. I can refuse to treat Medicare and Medicaid patients. So a couple of years from now the poor and elderly will not be able to find doctors. So there will be screams again. What good is the new reform, if there are no doctors to treat the poor.

Then it will be time for the single payer plan so there is no difference between insured and government insured patients. So then to make sure everyone has access to medical care the government will have to decide who gets treatment and how much treatment they get. So to get your gall bladder out you will need to wait five years. Then see how that change is working for you.