Sunday, August 15, 2010

politics so upsetting these days

I don't comment much these days. Things just are so obvious that there is very little I can add to make them even a little easier to understand. However there is a comment that just has to be made so I'm going to make it.

I don't hate Obama... I don't wish he was in a plane crash like they wish for Sarah Palin... But I do wish he had some feeling for the real people of this country, I don't know if he is a communist or not, but in Obama I see the arrogance that the leaders of the communist countries live daily.

In Russia the leaders went to there winter homes in the country, while the ordinary people froze to death from the cold. Obama and the democrats talk about bankrupting coal companies to get clean energy. In the meantime the poorest of the poor will be freezing in their beds. Because they can't afford exotic fuels. The man who runs the local bicycle shop tells me he doesn't sell many kids bikes any more. They want video games now. But he is selling lots more bikes to adults. I see more bicycle on the road these days. Yes I'm one of the bike riders. Buy a 15k car or a hundred dollar bike, the choice is simple for me.

His wife goes a multi million dollar vacation to Spain and he goes on a one day photo shoot to Florida. All the time touting to Americans to vacation in the gulf states to save the economy.

He demonizes and generally scares the hell out of businesses, then chides them for not creating more jobs. The only jobs soon will be government jobs. Where will the tax revenue come from when most everyone works for those who spend the money. I'm sorry this is very depressing but then so is the situation.

For the love of god liberals look at what you are doing to the country. Is this what you voted for. I'm sorry you hate George Bush but hey, I had a job when Bush was president. It would have been cheaper and better for the economy if we just stop trying to socially engineer this country.

If the people who could not afford the houses they bought had been refused credit in the first place, then the biggest part of the crisis would have been avoided. There was so much pressure to give everyone access to the finer things in life, that the government socially engineered us into this mess in my opinion. My daughter lives in a beautiful quarter million dollar house. I think that is great she and her husband both work their butts off for it. I live in a house that used to be worth close to a hundred grand now is worth half that. I don't mind at all. I could afford it comfortably all those years I paid for it. It is paid off now. My wife and I are quite happy with it.

I look at the foreclosures and notice that they are houses closer to my daughter's than mine. Maybe that says something about the marginal buyers who lost their houses. Maybe they were LED to buy the wrong house by the big mama government. I have no idea I just know things are terribly wrong here and it goes all the way back to the cheap shirt from Indonesia. Look how much that cheap shirt has cost us now.