Tuesday, March 31, 2009


I would like to give my opinion on the woman who gave birth to eight kids, when she already had six at home. First of all I think she is a mental case. Those kids, all of them, would be better off in some other loving homes. There are plenty of people who would adopt one or more of them. There has been enough publicity about it to make them highly marketable.

Next she needs help. What kind I'm not qualified to say, but I think high voltage might be order.

The third thing that needs to be done is to arrange for the doctor who made this possible to be liable for child support on all eight of them. Get them off any public assistance, if they are on any, and onto the doctor's payroll. It's about time people gave some thought to what the hell they are doing. Doctors always over treat people just because they can.

I ask you this, should everything that can be done really be done. The final thing that needs to be done, after all the above, is to get this out of the news. The press is right now creating a fantasy for some other deranged person. And that's my opinion on the octopus mom,

Monday, March 30, 2009

What the hell is going on here....

Yesterday it seems our new president in effect fired a non government worker. Okay he blackmailed him into resigning. No doubt other presidents have done this kind of thing quietly in the back office. Done it quietly so as not to make a fundamental change in how our country operates, but Obama's people made sure everyone knew. They fired a warning salvo. We are now in charge of American business. Good luck on that guys. Can anyone say Russian Trabant. For those of you who don't know it was the car made by the USSR when the government was in charge of everything. Arguably the worst car ever made. Okay maybe it was equaled by the Ugo also a government produced auto.

I fear this is the the wave of the future. It should be interesting to see how much control of our lives will be enough for the ivy league thugs. No more jack boots needed guys. Now it's thousand dollar suits and arugula, whatever the hell that is. We can only wait and see and buy all the guns and ammo we can before the big crackdown. At the moment they use words to assassinate the opposition, but if the history other countries is any indication the secret police follow.

First you subvert the press, then you marginalize your enemies by convincing the masses that they are all on a personal vendetta. They are all racists and lying to promote their own agenda in this case. I think step one is underway at the moment.

Will it work? Probably not over the long haul, but in the short term it just might. People are too worried about the economy to see the pattern that is developing. Unlike Germany in the thirties we have a strong tradition of constitutional law.

We the people will weather this. How much of the change, you voted for, can you stomach before you throw the bums out? That is the multi trillion dollar question. No I did not vote for this change. I also doubt that I can afford it. I, like a lot of you, am on a fixed income. I doubt that I can stand the run away inflation headed our way.

I will say this about what happened yesterday, The government should have made loans to the auto companies based on sound business practices. If they were a good risk make the loan period, if not don't. It is not in the people's interest to have the government involved in human resources issues. Especially not a government indebted to labor unions and the like for it's power.

Well that is today's comment from an average American not some Washington hack. See you tomorrow with my take on the news.

Feel free to make comments. We probably won't agree and should not agree, what we should do is respect each others right to his or her own opinion.....