Monday, July 27, 2009

Michael Vick back on the block

Vick didn't just fight dogs, he killed them, if they didn't fight well. He is going to be allowed to participate in a professional sport viewed by millions. If I were a big football fan, I'm not sure how I would feel about the sport and the commissioner. I know as a mildly interested fan, I am sick. We get upset if we see or hear of animal abuse or neglect, what this man did goes beyond either. He did his time so he is free, okay, fine. Why the hell would a professional sport reward him for what he has done.

Vick in, my opinion, should be out working as a plumber or a carpenter. Let him learn a few values not based on million dollar contracts. I hope they rerun the dog town series on rehabilitating those dogs. My heart aches for the ones that he killed, they had a miserable life, then suffered a miserable death. The man is a serial killer in the making as far as I'm concerned.

That's my opinion and I sticking to it.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

health care and me

I have been looking at health care and decided it's a mess any way you look at it. When some gangbanger gets shot he gets carried to the er. The er can't refuse to treat him so they spend a zillion dollars keeping this thug alive.

When my sister checks in tomorrow for minor surgery, her bill is ten times what it should be. She is paying a part of the gangbanger's bill. That's just not fair. But then under the govt plan the gangbanger gets treated the new insurance company (that is spelled tax payer) picks up the tab. That health care cost is just hidden in with all the other crap we pay for. The dollars are going to be the same in the end. Who are we kidding here, there is nobody in this country who does not have access to emergency care. We are going to foot the bill no matter how you cut it. Too bad we are a country of good people or we could just let the thug die. Problem comes when we decide who decides who is worth saving. Exactly who makes that decision.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

I haven't made many comments lately the news is too depressing. I think I need to say something,when the president of the united states weighs in on a local police issue someone needs to defend the underdog. Anyone who has to face the critique of a sitting president is definitely an underdog.

I was once a cop. I took my fair share of abuse from all races. Nobody likes to deal with a cop and the poor cop seldom is able to please everyone. The exception might be delivering a healthy baby. That unfortunately is a rarity. Mostly it's a boring eight hours with about ten minutes of insane fear.

Now add to that the BS a cop takes from people who get all wound up and won't calm down and you probably have the incident in question. Yes it was a cops discretion what happened that night. Did he act right or wrong. Frankly I don't know all the fact but then I doubt that the president does either.

Looks to me like it's going to be a long four years for cops and the military. When they run out of things to blame on Bush, Chaney, I suppose it's going to be cops and spies. Keep the pot boiling so no one notices the emperor is naked.

This is about cops not about the president. Thought I do admit I am a conservative republican.... Just to be completely honest..... But frankly I would defend cops, spies and soldiers against anyone.

By the way I was advocating health care for the working poor for years. A lot of good republicans were. But I think the way to do is to leave the system alone and have a reduced coverage and premium health insurance.

Make the co payments high enough that it isn't used frivolously and you would get a lot of what everybody wants. Hospitals are already providing car for the indigent so lets make low cost health insurance available. we don't really need a reinvent the wheel.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

It's getting worse to be followed by disasterous

The joblessness is not being effected by the stimulus but inflation will be down the road. I know it is selfish but I wish they had just let the economy work itself out. If they had nothing would have been very different I expect. Except the coming inflationary pressures would have been less.

I am saving my pennies for the coming winter gas bills.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

on russia and nukes

US-Russia framework deal on arms control expected...

I can not believe that Odrama is suggesting that we drop the verification of nukes as part of a Russian pact. Tell me that when dealing with nukes he isn't really willing to take ANYONE'S word for their destruction. I have grand kids in this world he is going to put in the hands of the Russians on faith alone. We had the North Koreans ready to sell technology to anyone with the bucks, and now the Russians saying oh yeah we promise to destroy our nukes, if you promise to destroy yours. What world is this yahoo living in.

Regan spent Russia into bankruptcy to end the cold war, and now Odrama is going to spend us into bankruptcy to lower the earth's temperature 1 or 2 degrees and to provide more unemployment. You did know that the inflation he is creating will also lead to even more unemployment.

Meanwhile the Russian can now build their military back with petro dollars while we won't be able to afford Chinese made uniforms for our troups. I guess he is good with us fighting the next war naked. Damn what is he doing to us.