Monday, June 21, 2010

Government Regulation of Bank credit practices

Okay I'm selfish, but so are the guys who wanted credit reform. They want the banks to stop penalizing them for their irresponsibility with credit cards.

First of all this political motivated reform is all crap. Why? you ask. Well folks the banks have to make x amount of money to stay in business and pay their stock holders. It is going to come from someone.

So the democrats are going to force them to shift the profit, which the banks have to have, from the abusers of the credit system and onto those of us who do not abuse it. It's another one of those, "We will treat you like your mother" so vote for us ideas of the Dems.

What it really means is no free checking or savings accounts for those of us who are smart enough to live within our means. Now we get to pay for those who don't. Wait that's what the democratic government run government is famous for.

So still glad you voted democratic.

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