Thursday, July 22, 2010

I couldn't let this Sharon things go without a comment. You know the Woman fired in a haste after the partial video clip hit the news.

First of all;

She wasn't a life long employee of the usda. She was hired last year it seems.

She was hired because she was the squeaky wheel in the in a civil rights lawsuit I think.

She thinks there is a class war in the country between the haves and the have nots, it seems to be a redistribute the wealth kind of thing. I have no wealth to redistribute and I don't need anyone else's, so I have no dog in that fight.

The one thing I came out of this with is how terrified grown men and women are of Fox news. The "You are going to be on Glenn Beck tonight," comment is a hoot. Damage control is not a pretty thing.

Will this all trace back to the 'Boss'? Heck no. Not that he is above being terrified of Fox. Just that it is too minor a thing for him to make the decision about. Would he have made the same one I doubt it. Most likely he would have called everyone together and tried to make nice. Which in this case would have been a good idea.

What this shows is how every decision at the moment is based on trying to save the left's new poster boy. So guys beware you can keep them on Defense if you play your cards right. Just remember not to let them trace any of this back to the tea party movement. That is there big scape goat now since 'Blame it on George' is wearing thin.

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