Thursday, April 30, 2009

Lookin' for a home...

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The Obama administration began internal discussions this week over where to put Guantanamo Bay detainees if they are not tried or sent to other nations, U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates said on Thursday.

Gates got a hostile reception from several lawmakers over sending any high-security Guantanamo detainees to the U.S. mainland and the defense chief said he anticipated strong opposition to such a move.

"I fully expect to have 535 pieces of legislation before this is over saying: 'Not in my district. Not in my state.' And we'll just have to deal with that when the time comes," Gates told the Senate Appropriations Committee.

I'm thinking tent city like that sheriff out west. Right on the lawn of the white house.

The government is no doubt in the car business

Chrysler will file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in New York, giving Chrysler time to galvanize a partnership with the Italian car maker Fiat Group SpA. The government, which has already poured $4 billion in loans into Chrysler, would provide up to $8 billion more to carry the company through bankruptcy, said senior administration officials speaking on condition of anonymity. The government will also help appoint a new board of directors.

Help appoint the board of directors my ass. There are going to be politicians on the board of directors. The car business just went politically correct. Let the games begin.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I tried to find something NOT about Obama

Yahoo is nothing but cheerleaders for the new president. I think they are pretty much whoring out for him so blatantly that the FCC should take a hard look at them. Anyway my point to this bit is to do a pool. If there is a prize it will have to be decided on later. I want to know how long it will be before a day goes by on Yahoo that the name Obama is not mentioned in the home page news headlines all day.

I expect it will happen when even the fans are sick of all the coverage. So what date do you think it will get back to normal.

Oh yes I'm gonna take it.

WASHINGTON – More than 50 million retirees can expect to receive $250 payments from the government in the next few weeks as their share of the economic stimulus package enacted in February.

I'm going to take it and I'm going to spend it on something frivolous, just like the government wants me to do. Why am no not returning mine, you might ask. I'm not because above all else I am careful with money. I figure I can do more good with it than THEY can. Which is why I thought the republican plan made more sense. Let the people decide how to spend the stimulus money. This is a very small part of the plan that actually might do some good.

By the way I can spend mine on stuff because I'm not drowning in debt. I'm not drowning in debt because I was taught better. It's sad that the government made it possible for generations of people not to learn that lesson.

You see it's like the old give a man a fish story. Instead of teaching people how to earn their own way in the world, uncle sam wrote them a check. It was just easier to do. So now we are paying for it. We always have, but now the government is way, way over extended and worst of all they don't seem to care. It's more of the philosophy that got us here in the first place.

I'll buy something and give somebody in the world a job. A few of them will be American jobs it's a shame that most of them will be foreign. Sorry to say that the way the free economy is working right now. There is a lesson for the businesses in all this but I doubt they will learn it. Make what people what to buy, make it cheap enough, and you will have a job. If you don't make it here, you won't have any customers to buy it here.

Manufacturers need to find a way to make their products in this country. It might mean a bit less profit for them, and it might mean Americans take a job that pays a little less, but at least there will be jobs. Without those jobs business has no one to sell to and they go belly up.

I hope they learned a lesson but the government isn't trying to teach them out of their stupidity, they are trying to buy them out of it. At the very best it is just putting off the hard decissions for another day and another crowd in Washington.

Business can learn the lessons if the government gets tough on trade agreements and illegal immigration. The government needs to get back to doing what it is supposed to do and get out of the business of business.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A good reason not to believe all you hear on the news

The New York Times reported last week that Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the alleged mastermind of the Sept. 11 terror attacks, was waterboarded 183 times in one month by CIA interrogators. The "183 times" was widely circulated by news outlets throughout the world.

It was shocking. And it was highly misleading. The number is a vast inflation, according to information from a U.S. official and the testimony of the terrorists themselves.

A U.S. official with knowledge of the interrogation program told FOX News that the much-cited figure represents the number of times water was poured onto Mohammed's face -- not the number of times the CIA applied the simulated-drowning technique on the terror suspect. According to a 2007 Red Cross report, he was subjected a total of "five sessions of ill-treatment."

Okay they didn't technically lie, but ..........

I know all politicians distort the facts, and all news people report the worst possible interpretation of it, but come on guys think about how this crap looks overseas before you throw this shit out there for the world to read.

They water boarded the guy five times not 183 times. We can disagree on what is torture and if it works, but why misrepresent the truth. It only harms your point of view when the facts come out. Five times is as bad as 183 to those who feel this is wrong, you didn't need to further inflame the passions of the world.

Oh by the way the Democrats have found a way to blame republicans for the Swine flu. Do these guys look like fools or what. The tiny minority of republicans gutted the bloated stimulus package. You remember that is the one that the democrats had control of. It seems that is their new excuse, as if they needed one. This is going to prove to be much to do about nothing. Just another political football and something to fill all that time on th 24hour news whores network.

If they felt the need for additional flu money they should have fought for it. Since they didn't, I can only assume the Democrats felt it better to cut the flu money than some bridge to nowhere.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Well Duh

WASHINGTON – U.S. officials said Monday they were acting aggressively to confront the spreading swine flu virus — now confirmed in 40 victims — while President Barack Obama said there was concern but not yet "a cause for alarm," A travel advisory was being prepared suggesting Americans not travel to Mexico, center of the outbreak.

Dr. Richard Besser, acting director of the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention, said that so far the disease in the United States seems less severe than the outbreak in Mexico, where more than 1,600 cases have been reported and where the suspected death toll has climbed to 149. No deaths have been reported in the U.S.

In the usa people are in generally in better health than those in a third world country. Yes the flu will make you sick. You might even wish you were dead, but unless you are already weakened, you should recover from it easily. This is another one of those over blown media stories. Yes if I lived in Argentina or Africa I would be pretty darn worried. But I don't and they probably don't even know it is coming.

I live in a country that has proper health care facilities. One where those facilities are available to everyone, insured or not some kind of health care is available. Try that in Mexico. The poor malnourished and uncared for peasants living in poverty and disease will die. The wealthy, well cared for will be sick. In this country the deaths will be few and confined to the old and weakened ones I'm sure.

Oh hell I'm old... Maybe I should be worried more after all.

Sunday, April 26, 2009


ROME – An Italian cruise ship with 1,500 people on board fended off a pirate attack far off the coast of Somalia when its Israeli private security forces exchanged fire with the bandits.

Six men in a small, white Zodiac-type boat approached the Msc Melody at about 1730 GMT Saturday and opened fire with automatic weapons, Msc Cruises director Domenico Pellegrino said. They retreated after the security officers returned fire and sprayed them with water hoses.

Don't you know these were some shocked pirates. Worst of all today when the find out it was Israelis doing the shooting. Just one more case of that Zionist aggression.

Reminds me of the Muslim who tried to attack the El Al airline ticket desk. He was shocked to find out that even in the U.S. the Israelis were armed. It was not a pretty sight I am told.

Soon it will be Black Water supplying security agents I expect. If that happens there will likely be lots of dead pirates.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

If I remembered BILL

BAGHDAD – U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton tried to reassure nervous Iraqis that the U.S. won't abandon them, even as she said the American troop withdrawal would stay on schedule despite a recent surge in violence.

Since I remember Bill and Somalia I would be nervous if I was in Iraq as well. Hilary is there to reassure the people of Iraq that we feel your pain but we are leaving anyway. Good luck with those wolves at your door.

Sad Song...

I suppose Jan and Dean will be having a farewell party for their little GTO. It seems Pontiac is headed for the scrap heap. Well it is probably time to stop making the same cars with different taillights. The same might be true for Ford Mercury. Maybe it's time that we as American's stopped needing our cars to be a little different to make us feel a little more individual. Maybe it's time we did the big brother thing.

No wait that's why our country was the world's leader in so many things. We were a population of non conformist and malcontents. We were always looking for ways for the individual to stand out.

I said were because the future is up for grabs. We my well be headed for the long gray line of people dressed the same, thinking the same, and waiting for our daily soylent green ration. Lets hope not.

Let's hope we come through this with our country still the place for innovations based on greed. A few people do things for purely selfless motives, but not nearly as many as those who do things to better their own lives and in the process better all our lives.

There is no need to explore what happens when the government tries to run the economy. Take a look at the old soviet union to see it. Lets not cause a huge failure by trying to prevent a smaller one. Let's not create a catastrophe just to prevent some market adjustments. I know this is a huge deal just now but lets not create a monster that is going to eat us all.

Please tell me you don't really believe that the banks didn't learned a lesson without professor Obama having to teach it. The banks are struggling to survive, trust me they learned something about making shaky loans. Now the government is trying to convince them to make more shaky loans. The government wants the same people who investing in arm mortgages to have access to more credit. That is just crazy.

A family about to fail because they were a bad credit risk last week, is not a better credit risk this week. The business that can't stay afloat because the economy is bad, may not be able to stay afloat long enough to pay back that loan. Do we really want the government to decide who our banks lend to. If they decide guess what, the banks become an extension of the government. Is that what we want.

I think that people who had Arm loans got them because they could not afford conventional loan payments. So the government convinced the banks to renegotiate them. Instead of all failing at once, they are going to spread them out over a couple of years maybe. It's a shell game guys.

Friday, April 24, 2009

we wonder why

BAGHDAD (Reuters) – In a second day of major bloodshed, two suicide bombers wearing explosive vests blew themselves up at the gates of a Shi'ite Muslim shrine in Baghdad on Friday, killing 60 people, Iraqi police said.

At least 125 people were wounded in the attack at the Imam Moussa al-Kadhim shrine in the Shi'ite neighborhood of Kadhimiya, a frequent target of insurgent groups, police said.

Now this guy was probably going hungry, lived in a shack, and was a religious zealot.

Then there is the CEO of Freddie Mac who offs himself in the basement of his house. The guy has money, yeah he lost a couple of million on bad stock at Freddie, but he was still working and had a good job and family. He might have been under investigation but he still had time to work through it maybe.

So which one should really surprise us. No it is not alright to take 60 people with you, but he is more understandable to me than the CEO. Of course I wasn't in either's head at the time thank god. Still you have to wonder why.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

I might be the only one

I might be the only right winger to say let them prosecute everyone they want to. I expect they are going to find that there is nothing to prosecute. Right now they are making political hay. What's it going to be like if they find there was nothing illegal done. Will they apologize? not a chance. At least they might shut up about it. Even if they find something they can call illegal, what jury do you think will find anyone guilty. Not if the defense lawyer explains what it was they authorized and what good it did.

Do we want our grand kid's safety in the hands of one so timid that water boarding makes him cringe. I want someone in the oval office who will do whatever it takes to keep my grand kids safe. We might differ on what that is, but at least be willing to do it if it works. They chop off heads and we water board only the worst of them and this makes us the bad guys. Get a grip people...

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Who's right Who's wrong and who cares

HAVANA – Fidel Castro says President Barack Obama "misinterpreted" his brother Raul's remarks regarding the United States and bristled at the suggestion that Cuba should free political prisoners or cut taxes on dollars people send to the island.

Raul Castro touched off a whirlwind of speculation last week that the U.S. and Cuba could be headed toward a thaw after nearly a half-century of chilly relations. The speculation began when the Cuban president said leaders would be willing to sit down with their U.S. counterparts and discuss "everything, everything, everything," including human rights, freedom of the press and expression, and political prisoners.

Obama responded at the Summit of the Americas by saying Washington seeks a new beginning with Cuba. But as he prepared to leave the summit Sunday, Obama also called on Cuba to release political prisoners and reduce taxes on remittances from the U.S.

That appeared to enrage Fidel Castro, 82, who wrote in an essay published Wednesday that Obama "without a doubt misinterpreted Raul's declarations."

It's all BULLSHIT anyway. Cuba has nothing we need why are we trying to play nice with them anyway.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

whats next

So now the president with no backbone just gave in to the congress again. He is going to let them try to prosecute the lawyers who wrote the memo. The only problem is where is the law they broke.

Of course he left himself in the clear by saying. "Well it really isn't my call." Bullshit it was your call on Saturday and Sunday Even yesterday, but today it's not your call. What a wimp.
WASHINGTON – For the first time, an accused domestic terrorist is being added to the FBI's list of "Most Wanted" terror suspects.

Daniel Andreas San Diego, a 31-year-old computer specialist from Berkeley, Calif., is wanted for the 2003 bombings of two corporate offices in California.
San Diego would be the 24th person on the list, and the only domestic terror suspect.

An arrest warrant was issued for San Diego after the 2003 bombings in northern California of the corporate offices of Chiron Corp., a biotechnology firm, and at Shaklee Corp., a nutrition and cosmetics company. The explosions caused minor damages and no injuries.

The move to add a domestic, left-wing terrorist to the list comes only days after the Obama administration was criticized for internal reports suggesting some military veterans could be susceptible to right-wing extremist recruiters or commit lone acts of violence. That prompted angry reactions from some lawmakers and veterans groups.

The FBI's "Most Wanted" terrorist list is distinct from the much longer-running "Ten Most Wanted" list. Al-Qaida chief Osama bin Laden is on both.

They wanted to justify their comments about domestic terrorists, so rather than apologize and move on, this guy, who hurt no one and did minor damage, is now on the same list as Osama Ben Laden. This administration would be laughable, they are so transparent, if the life or death of our way of life wasn't at stake. The adminsitration that couldn't shoot straight.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Think about this

The reason they don't prosecute the lawyers who said it was legal to use those interrogation methods most likely isn't to close the book on it all as they claim. I think it is most likely that they are not sure they could win a guilty verdict. If they could just dictate the outcome they would.

They are most likely afraid of, it not an outright acquittal, at least a hung jury. What would that say about the administration's decision to release the memos. Even more what would it say about all the acres of BS they have been sowing. What would it do to the president's campaign. if he were to be just plain wrong about it all. It's another no guts decision. He can't count on a jury like he could count on the democratic congress. A jury is made up of real people not politicians in a power struggle. So why risk it. It isn't healing, it's just good politics. Every lawyer knows you don't ask question unless you know the answer.

I wish they would try them just to put an end to this bull. As it is they will keep it going into infinity. There will be no one to ask the simple question, if you are standing on principal not politics as usual, then have the balls to throw the dice.

Talk about biting the hand that feeds you

MOGADISHU (Reuters) – Gunmen have demanded a $1 million ransom for the release of three aid workers taken over the weekend, a local elder told Reuters on Monday.

Somalia is one of the world's most dangerous places for aid workers and is suffering one of the world's worst humanitarian emergencies, with 3 million people dependent on food aid.

Attacks on relief organizations, normally blamed on Islamist rebels or clan militias, have forced groups to scale back on humanitarian operations.

"We came back this morning with empty hands," said local elder Aden Isak Ali from Rabdhure town, near where gunmen seized a medical team from the charity MSF-Belgium.

"The gunmen who hijacked MSF aid workers told us this morning that they will only release the foreign workers if they are given one million U.S. dollars as ransom," he said.

MSF in Brussels confirmed on Monday two male doctors from Belgium and Holland had been kidnapped. A local MSF worker said a Somali employee was also taken.

I often wondered what would happen if government broke down completely, So this is what happens. The world tries to help, but the lawless just take advantage of them. It seems anarchist are not really in it for the greater good after all. When the thugs toppled the government I'm sure the people thought any change would be better than what they had.

There is a lesson in this about change. Change can be good or bad. Make sure you know what you are buying before you put your money down. Hope is a good thing, informed hope is a better thing.

Where is 'The meek shall inherit the earth' model when you need it? Seems we need a few tall men to make sure the meek don't get swallowed up by the greedy bastards of this world.

My plan isn't going to solve all the problem but might be a start. Explain to the above mentioned elder there will be no ransom... The people he elders over will all starve unless he provide intel on the thugs. When we get it go in and kill them all. Just to prevent anyone of them from killing the village informant. Then put their heads on a pike outside the place where the doctors were taken hostage.

Remember these thugs are in it for the money, there is no profit in killing the hostages. Get a good plan to rescue them and do it ruthlessly.

There is a KGB story. In Lebanon they took Americans hostage by the score but not Russians. Supposedly they took one Russian hostage. The KGB could not find him but they found people who knew people and they harshly interrogated them them. They got a name of the leader of the cell.

Supposedly the KGB found the man's brother who was not a terrorist. They cut off his head and dropped on the hostage takers father's doorstep. That they say is why there were no Russians kidnapped in Lebanon.

Since we hired ex Nazis to get into space, maybe we should hire a few ex KGB agents. That is if we haven't already.

Sunday, April 19, 2009


So it's been a hundred days and what has really changed. The world seems to love the new president. Of course they are not going to be picking up the tab for his easy acceptance. My grandson gets that privilege.

Tell everyone what they want to hear and smile a lot seems to be formula for success. I have to admit it worked for Bill Clinton. This one seems to be all charm and little substance, just like good old Bill. Remember Somali we had a chance to make a difference there but it was too tough for Bill. Where as Bush has little charm, but he does have balls. The jury is out on Obama, but he looks a lot like Bill Clinton to me.

I once told my step daughter I would like for you to do what I tell you because you love me or respect me, but you can do it because you fear me. Either way if you live in my house you will do it.

If they love you when you tell them what they want to hear and that's your one trick, mr. pony, What you gonna do when they realize it's just a facade. It's just one of those Hollywood movie sets. If they turn against you will you have the balls to do the right thing or will you cave in. I do think we might have an actor to put Ronald Ragan to shame. Frankly Ronnie was a better president that actor. You do remember bedtime for bonzo, a true Ragan classic.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Time to stop campaigning

It's probably time for President Obama to begin acting like our president not like he is campaigning for world president. He could start here...

The White House said President Barack Obama was "deeply disappointed" by the conviction, while the journalist's father told a radio station his daughter was tricked into making incriminating statements by officials who told her they would free her if she did.

Maybe he can charm the President of Iran. He might want to try charming the insurrectionists in Iraq who shelled the green zone for the first time in months. Tell them they can have the country if they just wait but that's not all they want. They want to make the US look weak. If they do that then it will be easier to recruit people to do harm to us. Give a thought to manning up Mr. President.

who said what and when...

This is the story going around in my email. I can not vouch for it but the email said that the seals were on station every early in the game. They proposed several actions and were refused permission every time. On that final night it was determined that the commander on the scene had the authority to give the seals a go if there appeared to be an imminent threat. The implication was that no one in Washington would have so the local commander made the call and would have taken the heat if it went bad.

If it had gone wrong the blame would have gone onto the local commander but the credit seemed to go to the president. Strange how that works out most of the time.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

tax deadline... time to reflect.

I pay my taxes in full and on time. I do not work for the government and have to plans to do so. Then why do I pay my taxes in full and on time? you might ask. I'm not sure it is the going to jail, or losing everything as much as it is, "It's the right thing to do." You know a man has an obligation as a citizen of this country to pay taxes, even if he doesn't agree with the policies of that government. Just as the government has an obligation to spend that money wisely for the common good.

So why the hell do so many of the Obama administration have tax problems. I think it is because they don't see taxes the same as you and me. For one thing they know how to avoid the consequences of not paying. Postpone, avoid, and litigate seems to be the way these guys work. That's fine for the lawyer downtown. I suppose.

My question is, "IS this the kind of men we want spending our money for the common good?" Even worse we have the leader of the country making excuses for them as if this is not a moral issue. Then again with Joe Biden, with the foot long nose, as his partner in crime what can we expect.

By the way, Where are these changes they promised us. Except for the massive dept they are running up, it seems to be business as usual. Or worse yet. old left wing liberalism slipping back into government under the guise of change. Where is this change I can believe in?

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

No Captian Jack Sparrow here

The Somalia pirates are not a laughing matter. Piracy is extremely dangerous and one of these days people are going to die. Maybe that is what it will take for the world to take care of these thugs. We should have learned a lesson in Somalia last time, but we ran out and left the job unfinished. I do hope we don't do a half assed job on this problem.

In the short term I'm thinking armed predator drones. The boats can't get there in time, but those buzz bombs most likely could. Sink a few of the mother ships along with the skiff crews and this might ease up a little. Of course if it's piracy or starvation I expect I would be grabbing ships as well.

Unlike Bush in iraq, Clinton ran out on Somalia and now we are where we are. Most of the time the easy way isn't the best way.

Monday, April 13, 2009

the man is a politician.

Seems like the warrantless wiretap for terrorist was such a bad bad idea during the election but not now. Suddenly it's a really, really a good idea. Lots of things like that going on. I do hope someone is keeping score. Too bad John McCain is an honorable man or he could have played to the crowd and maybe done a little better. Shades of Bill Clinton, tell them anything to get elected.

A political decission?

Even if it was a political decision to be tough in such a public situation it was the right message to send. The man is a political no doubt. This one I'm giving him a pass on for the moment. The story has yet to unfold completely.

Now I'm trying to figure out why the hell the Sunday school teacher killed the child. I have heard lots of people wondering the same thing.

Ps added after more news comes out. I do hope the appeasers don't second guess the seals.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

just read it

I just read it on yahoo that Obama authorized the navy to kill the pirates if the Captain was in danger. If that proves to be the case then maybe I was wrong and the man isn't totally out of touch with reality. If so I will withdraw my noball obama label.

I do believe in being fair.

update on no news

There is news and it is great news. We got it right. This time we don't need top second guess how the captain got free. I'm sure some bleeding heart will remind us there thugs died in the end, but I frankly don't give a damn.

God speed Captain. And to those who did the shooting killing someone is not something to enjoy but doing one's duty and saving a life is. So congratulations on that part of it.

No news is good news or is it.

Nothing has happened in the hostage arena. Is this going to be a mini iran hostage debacle? Who knows.

It's Easter Sunday with a little luck all the politicos will lay low today. It would be nice to have a little peace.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

I have to stop reading

I have to stop reading left wing blogs, my heart isn't good enough to take the rise in blood pressure. Their comments are ten times as nasty as the republicans. At least the ones I read.

One of the favorites is to compare a conclusion based on worldwide erroneous intelligence with a deliberate self aggrandizing lie by Joe Biden. You know guys there is a difference between being wrong and telling a lie just to make yourself look smarter.

I can't believe the lack of civility from the left wingers. To call a former president a thug is just sickening. We never call Jimmy Carter or Bill Clinton such names. To me it is just unbelievable that they can't make their points with at least some attempt at civility.

I wonder does my calling the new president no balls Obama make me sound like a wacko lol...

Nothing new in the news

So far today nothing new is happening. In spite of a few thousand seamen within a mile of that lifeboat, we can't get it done. This is going to be a case where three or four guys without shoes hold not just a ship captain hostage but this nation. It is going to be open seasons on American citizens again. I'm glad I can't afford to travel.

The arrested a female neighbor for the killing of that eight year old child in California is curious. I wonder why she did it if she did it. Most of the time when the cops make an arrest, the person is guilty of something. This one is hard to believe but you have to know there is something to it. Probably more at eleven on this story.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Joe Biden and the pirates.

Sounds like a good tittle for a book. A fiction book of course. When Joe and no balls get through with the news report, it will George Bush who led the pirate attack. Hey guys look around Bush is gone. It's time to step up and take responsibility for what is happening now. It was on your watch that the first pirate attack on an American ship in 200 years happened. Now I know you are going to say it was coincidence but trust me it wasn't.

And Joe, they are going to pull out Bush's appointment books and prove you are full of crap. Joe has a bad habit of making things up. Now he is either delusional or a liar. I'm not sure I want a vice president who is either. Oh wait, he is probably just a liar. He needs to be to fit in with the rest of them. Then again they may all be delusional.

When the results of all this spending money that doesn't really exist comes home to roost, we the people might take off the rose colored glasses. Still maybe not common sense should have told people during the election who this guy really was. Problem was the media branded anybody who pointed it out as a racist. That's just so much crap.

The Reverend Wright his old bud even said it and no one listened. He said something like, he is a politician, when Wright was asked about Obama;s throwing him under the bus. Nobody heard that part. They heard Wright's rants from the pulpit, so it was okay for Obama to dump him. It was necessary but Obama was there in that church as a politician to gain the votes needed for his state election. He had to be one of the people then too. Get with it people he is a typical politician, he will say or do whatever is politically expedient. Why power of course, well he fooled enough of the people enough of the time to get to the top. The best we can do now is to keep your backs against the wall, and a firm grip on the soap.

When inflation starts eating away at what's left of your paycheck after taxes, you just might get it America. He is right about one thing, there are better days ahead. That day is when the left wing nuts are finished. No matter how they screw it up, this country can always come back. We survived Jimmy Carter, this guy is just another version of the same. Remember the Iran hostage situation that went on for what seemed like forever. There is already a mini hostage situation off the coast of Africa and it wont be the last. They are going to fool around and let this become an even bigger blackeye for the US. Diplomacy will not work on barbarians.

PS. I was right as I knew I would be. The obama hacks are out blaming this on George Bush... Have these guys no shame.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Virginia said no to stimulus money and more on the pirates This is worth reading.

They got it, the governor didn't get it. When the "free" money runs out, the state has no choice but to tax business to keep the programs going. They have to keep them going and it's on the backs of the working people. You don't think that business will just absorb that tax. Hell no they have to pass it along to stay in business. The democratic governor gets his unacceptable tax by taxing the people indirectly. This in a recession even.

So the free lunch won't be so free after all. Good for you Virginia legislature. Of course the democratic governor is looking for a way to bypass the legislature. Shame on you Governor. That is what "they" do when 'they' want something. The will of the people means nothing to them. Get used to it guys, it's going to be like this for a while.

It's like my grand daughter telling me what to do. She Thinks she knows more than anyone else on earth. She is 14 by the way. Does it make you wonder what 'their' mental age is.

And what the hell is going on off the coast of Somalia. On one hand you have a US Navy destroyer and on the other you have three pirates holding a ship's captain prisoner on a lifeboat. Get real guys. Why don't you explain to them that if anything happens to the Captain, you will kill them each at least ten times, over several days. I expect that they would sit there quietly while you took them in. Or you could say GITMO to them a few times while you explain it. Oh I forgot you can't do that they are probably Muslims and 'Noballs' is closing Gitmo.

We all know piracy and terror are so much more humane than Gitmo. I'm afraid I differ from John McCain here. If I'm a soldier on a battlefield and someone has information that I need to keep me and my friends alive, water boarding is going to be the least of his problems.

No the order from 'Noballs' is to do the politically correct thing, even if it costs that man his life. By the way don't you think they could spare one or two armed predators to fly over that area. Find a ship with smaller boats tied to it, just sit up there with that hellfire missile and wait them out.

If we are firing them inside a sovereign Pakistan, why not on the open seas. There is always the oops option.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

So now what???

Somali pirates hijack ship; 20 Americans aboard

Are we to be held for ransom like some third world country. I can not believe we allowed this to happen. Surely it's time we use an old strategy from god knows how long ago. The escorted convoy seems like a pretty good idea at the moment. Set up a rendezvous point and escort the shipping around this area. I know you can't be everywhere at once but offer shipping a chance to go through protected. I expect they would line up for it.

I'm sure we can find the mother ships for these so called pirates. After all we have real time satellite intel that can give you the license plate number on a car driving down the road. I have a feeling that when the ship came under attack they radioed for help. How about air support. Okay you can't get there in time to save the vessel under attack, how about just sinking the mother ship. I'm thinking tomahawk missile down the main stack. A couple of times should be all it takes. I don't think the guys in the speed boats will be in a hurry to execute anyone if they have no way home.

Lets see what (no balls) Obama does this time. More campaign style speeches I expect. It's time he stopped worrying about what the world thinks and set things right. I know it sounds a lot like George Bush. Remind me again how many American flagged ships did they take when Bush was president.

Oh I remember now NONE. Nothing like a cowboy with his finger on the trigger to make a thug think twice.

Answer me this honestly. If you were in a dark alley being mugged who would you want to show up. Obama with a prepared speech about violence in America or George Bush with a .357. I think that one is obvious even to the bleeding heart liberals.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

more relatively good news

GM and Segway unveil new two-wheeled urban vehicle

With all the doom and gloom it's nice to see some relatively good news as well. This little vehicle, if not taxed to death, might just be the answer for guys like me. It will be too expensive I'm sure, but it should if it catches on, usher in more short range inexpensive vehicles. In my opinion a variety of these vehicles should be in use. Something cheap enough for the working poor to afford to drive as a family car, Still convenient enough for the middle class to buy as a second car. Yeah if you are driving to grandma's in the next city you might need the big sedan, but to run the kids to school or take yourself to work at the government complex, A small lightweight e car is ideal.

The lack of safety equipment keeps the bike as a reasonable alternative transportation vehicle, it could be the same with use of the navigation system they are proposing. We shall see how they bastardize this one.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Who is going to blink...and a dog named Sophie

- New GM Boss Softens Opposition to Bankruptcy

They in effect fired the GM CEO and now the new guy says. "Okay I'm not afraid of bankruptcy. If you don't play ball with me, I'll put the company into bankruptcy." If the government wanted that, we could have saved a few billion by not doing the bailout at all. Those bailouts lay right at this new administration's feet. It isn't going to look too cool for the administration if even after the bailout billions the company goes under. It's going to look bad to those unions, who have bet their existence on this administration.

So who do you think will blink. I expect the new plan will be just wonderful, even if it's the same one the last guy had. The last one was a roman firing. You know throw them to the lions to appease the masses kind of thing.

This ceo is has played the B card back at them. So let's see who blinks.


Less I be accused of only bad news like the hacks, let me pay tribute to a dog named Sophie Tucker. She got washed overboard on a sailboat. She swam five of those silly nautical miles, then managed to survive on a deserted island for four months before the rangers account of a last dog made it to the papers. The owner happened to read that account and contacted the rangers. Yep it was the right dog no doubt about it.

So my hat is off to you Sophie. You survived some really bad shit without a bailout. Good girl

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Double dose of BS

1. NKorea launches rocket, defying world pressure
2. Analysis: Obama no-nukes pledge is not so far-fetched

Am I the only one who sees how crazy this is. Is this guy serious he wants us to go into a gun fight with the likes of North Korea armed with swords. Lets get rid of all out nukes and HOPE the petty dictators of this world will do the same. Have all of our leaders gone mad.

We allowed the NK to fire their missile, who everyone knows had nothing to do with peaceful space exploration. I can't imagine any other ruler in the whole world with the ability to stop that, allowing it to happen. This guy better grow some balls or he will have a tragedy on his hands pretty darn quick.

This was the ultimate test of star wars technology. We pretty much knew where the damn thing was going. It was as close to a sitting duck as we could ever have had.

I could have envisioned an oops scenario. One where a sailor pushed the button accidentally. We can't prove they were testing a ballistic missile and they couldn't prove that it wasn't an accident. Sure the world would know, so what they know that NK tested a missile to drop on LA. We are the only ones who would allow a dress rehearsal for mass murder to happen. Welcome to the world of no balls Obama.

They want to kid themselves that they are fighting the just war in Afghanistan BS. It is no more just than Iraq. They are tying down the Taliban and other militants there just as Bush did in Iraq. When the number of deaths go up, and they will as all the resources of the bad guys switch there, then the pressure to get out will fall on Obama. It's going to be interesting except for the loss of life that it will bring about.

Well this one the democrats called just when it was the second front. Now that it is the only front, we will have to remind them of their support for this one. Let's see how many run away from it when the weather changes and the bad guys crawl out of the mountains.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Just to damn late.

This guy in New York (BINGHAMTON) goes in and kills 13 then himself. My question is why not change the order. Kill himself first, then if he is still pissed kill the others. As usual there is some other sicko out there who watched the news coverage and thought, wow look at all the attention this guy got. They are listening to him now.

I say that because last week it was a mass killing near my home town. Sometimes 24hour news channels are not such a good thing after all. I know you can't sensor the news, but somethings are just better off as a note on page twenty. Where there as many mass killing back in the day, I don't remember them, but then I'm no sicko and don't feed on those who are.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Talk about your political posturing

France has agreed to accept one prisoner from Gitmo, if Obama closes the facility. Isn't that special.

Well, lets see what happens when one of those poor innocent detainees, arranges a Martyr bombing in an outdoor cafe in France.

Some of those guys will be right back building bombs. Ones for other people to carry into crowded places. I guess we will have to get the guy on the TV show numbers to figure the recidivism rate for former Gitmo cons.

Well it should be interesting these next few years if nothing else. I wonder how the world will react when one of those guys we had in Gitmo kills a hundred of their wealthy tourists. Will they somehow manage to blame George Bush. Yeah they probably will. My guess is they will say. "Why he was just a poor shopkeeper before the US picked him up, water boarded him, and flushed his Koran down the toilet."

one more thing....ATLANTA - Traces of a chemical used in rocket fuel were found in samples of powdered baby formula, and could exceed what's considered a safe dose for adults if mixed with water also contaminated with the ingredient, a government study has found.

I suppose they will have to label formula regular and high test now...

Yeah right,

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Why bother?

From Yahoo news:

The U.S. could seek action in the U.N. Security Council -- a move that China may not block -- if North Korea launches a rocket, a U.S. official said Wednesday.

I still don't know why we bother with this kind of thing. I know Bush did it and every other president does it but why the hell do we bother. Maybe someone here can think of a case where UN action short of a military strike actually accomplished something. The only case I can think of might be those real radicals in South Africa. Otherwise it's all just talk.

I suppose the hope is that if we can make the people of the country so miserable they will rise up and take over. The problem with that is only the military have guns, and they are not afraid to use them on their own people. So what we are really asking is "How much do we have to starve you before you will commit suicide."

When that missile hits international waters shoot the son of a bitch down and be done with it. With our current leaders the odds of that are about the same as the North Koreans pounding their missiles into plow sheers because they hear our new president give a speech.

When the first NK nuke goes off on US soil, someone might take them seriously. Oh they won't get it here themselves on a missile. When one goes off you can bet there will be a bunch of new spending in NK though. They will build another nuke to sell to some other crazies. They sell that stupid short range rocket of theirs to the highest bidder, regardless of the UN Sanctions. That's what you do when the UN sanctions you, you just ignore it.

Pakistan supplies the know how and NK builds the nuke for the bad guys. When that happens who do we retaliate against. The people of Pakistan will not have been the ones who attacked us. The peasants of NK will not have been the ones who built the nuke. So what exactly do we do. Nukes are terror weapons pure and simple. So who are we willing to terrorize these days.

I lay this problem at the doorstep of at least all the last half dozen presidents. You can hate Any of them you like but they all share the blame. None of them could create the popular revolution. They could not simply because you can not have a truly successful unarmed uprising. Change from within NK was a pipe dream. It was an easy way of pushing the problem onto someone else.

A Nuclear armed Taliban type government in Pakistan is a very real possibility. A nuclear armed Iran is also a possibility as well. Those are in addition to a nuclear NK. With our humanitarian ideals who will we retaliate against if it happens. With no credible threat of retaliation where is the deterrence.

Will the cold war strategy, the threat of total annihilation stop any of these countries from giving a nuke to terrorists. Why would it, none of the current leaders are willing to say the same things to these thugs that Ronald Regan said on the radio. Sure it was a joke said into an open mike by accident. "Bad news the Russians launched a nuclear strike, go news the Soviet Union no longer exists," Guess what it doesn't...

It's time somebody had the balls to explain to NK and Iran, yes even to Pakistan. exactly what will happen if they hand one of these bombs to terrorists. Also explain that it will not be delivered by the UN. There will be no debate and no one is going to bother worrying about who their friends are either. It should be someone they will believe. Nobody would believe a Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton or our current president because they all believe you can stop bullets with words and plastic bedpans.

I told my daughter once, I would like for you to obey me because you love and respect me. If you can't do that then you better obey me because you fear me. Either way the result has to be the same. You are going to obey me. Okay maybe that did not make for a great short term relationship, but it did get her into adult life safely.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Cap and trade fairytales

The fairytale is that somehow the 'cap and trade tax' on carbon based fuels will not cost the individual any thing. All that money is going back into lowering the utility bills of consumers. This one ranks right up there with the tooth fairy. Actually it's more like the troll from under the bridge.

If the purpose of the cap and trade tax is to cut the use of the carbon fuels in the short run, while newer fuels are being developed, then it will have no effect at all unless it decreases the demand for those fuels.

To decrease the demand, you raise the price of the item higher than it would be raised by inflation alone. Simply put, when a higher percentage of one's income is spent on carbon fuel based energy then demand will fall. To drop demand the price, relative to a person's income, must go up. In other words taxing the producer, then using the money to reduce the retail price of the product to the consumer, would have a zero net effect. To get any effect at all, the government has to allow the price of energy products to rise significantly.

That my friend is the heat for your home and the gas for your car. Cap and trade will have a negative effect on the consumer and the economy. That is just a fact. One that no one seems to be very upset about. I don't care whose idea this is, it is going to hit people like me very hard. I live in a relatively mild weather state. Those of you farther north are going to really pay.

Yes it will have an effect on the carbon emissions output, but only because it takes less gas to cremate an old guy like me than it does to keep him warm. That is if you take into consideration all those additional years he might have lived without the cap and trade tax.

It's going to effect a lot more than just keeping warm. It is going to add to inflation in general. Every product period is to see a price increase. From the bread we eat to the clothes we wear. Manufacturers will pass their increased cost in utilities and transportation right along to us.

Welcome to Jimmy Carter II the second story.